In The Beginning

My name is Carina and I am a 6th year Visual Communication Design/International Studies student at UTS.  I am about to embark this semester on Major Project- a designed research project with a physical design response. Originally, I am from the Liverpool Plains- one of Australia’s top food producing areas, where the community have been fighting the NSW Government for the past 6 years about the destruction of valuable land for the production of Coal Seam Gas.

Over the past 6 months I  have been researching Coal Seam Gas, Carbon Pollution and Climate Change. I intend to continue this topic for my Major Project (MP), and this blog will act as a research journal. I aim to post daily about this topic. I would appreciate any feedback at all, so please don’t hesitate to comment on my entries.

My research last semester culminated into an educational recipe book, where Climate Change, Carbon Pollution and Coal Seam Gas exploration (fraccing/ fracking or fracturing) and extraction was explained. I collected numerous interviews from varying stakeholders and used them along side recipes donated by the farmers of the Liverpool Plains, to give those who are educationally or physically removed from this topic/area an insight into the debate. The books were designed in an A5 format, and could easily be photocopied for mass production , distribution and education. They came in a boxed-set (recycled fruit box) of three;

1- Climate Change and Carbon Pollution (an illustrated explanation about Climate Change, Carbon Pollution and Coal Seam Gas).

2- Food or Fuel (photographic comparisons between mining and food)

3- A Taste of the Plains (a collection of donated recipes and interviews from the farmers of the Liverpool Plains).

While this idea has plenty of meaning, the design resolutions need to be re-thought and typography cleaned up. This semester, I would like to continue with this project but also incorporate some exhibition and event design, as it is my passion. There is plenty to do, and hopefully this blog will keep me motivated and focused. I will be posting snippets of research, plans and proposals for this project along with research.

Next Step: begin formulating a refined design question and continue researching (a library session is calling).


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