How to uncover a Mystery

How to uncover a Mystery- use with major project question

  1. ‘ Let the mystery find you- something that piques your interest and unleashes your rabid curiosity
  2. Research. Dig us as much info as you can on the subject/ event. Collect Clues.
  3. Follow all leads (pieces of info that cause you to head in new directions). Contact people involved
  4. Get involved directly with the thing yo are researching (e.g. take a class, write to experts)
  5. Conduct a re-creation 9of an event or object). Use maps, diagrams, dioramas, photos. Look at the situation from different angles.

Smith, K. “How to be an Explorer of the World – Portable Life Museum”, 2008, A Pedigree Book, The Penguin Group (USA) inc. 375 Hudson Street, New York, NY, 10014, USA.


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