Art + Com

Sauter, J. Jascheko, S. Angesleva, J. 2011, ‘Art + Com’, Gestalten, Berlin.

While I was at AGIDEAS this year, the german designer Joaqim Sauter came and spoke about his company and introduced his new book Art + Com.  Here are some notes on the inspirational designs of Art + Com.

Below: The company breakup about art and communications



P. 7. ‘ According to media archeologist, Kittler.F, the essence of culture is no more than an ongoing act of data processing, and technology the hardwear of the mind.

P. 9 ‘After two decades of communicating in the virtual space of the internet, a desire for more communication in real spaces is making itself manifest. The circle to the pre-digital era is closing and the physical and corporeal is back in the spotlight again, though infused and shaped with the qualities of the new medium. The material is supplanting the immaterial; the virtual complements the narrative physically. NB for MP PHYSICAL OVER DIGITAL REALM

P.21. The project Terra vision worked with 3D maps to create the forerunner for google earth.

NB 4 MP: Using maps to locate CSG areas. 


The Invisible Shapes of Things Past 1997.

P. 30 Art + Com used layers of history to translate form and movement into a physical object.Image

P. 48 Discover through breathing 2001

A permanent exhibition for the jewish Museum, Berlin. The interactive screen allows the visitor to breathe the words onto the pages of the screen, like the breath of God.


P. 76  The installation Dual gardens aimed to create virtual and abstracted flora and fauna that through its behavior is perceived as natural and absorb visitors in a  strongly sensual experience. Image

P. 85. Instead of limiting itself to a  single presentation principle, the installation combines all three: reactivity (floor), interactivity (table) auto activity (wall). Together with the sculptural space-defining form of the media surface that changes from a floor to a  table to a  wall, these create different situations tat enable an appropriate display of contents in the appropriate from of engagement.



Documenta Mobil

A mobile interaction space. Visitors needed to easily access the installation in very different places, it needed to be easy and quick to set up and offered a comprehensive scope of information. A mobile exhibition in a 15 mtr truck called the Documenta Mobile, in the space of 2 months the truck stopped at 11 cities, stationing in front of the most important museums in the country.p. 87


The interactive installation on board the documenta truck aimed to give  visitors a detailed picture of the past exhibitions. To make the archive material as accessible as possible, the content was divided into five categories. p. 89



above. P. 91

Salt, crystallizing information

Multi touch table, blocks of salt were used to navigate the table to show the circulation of salt.


The New Austria

p. 115 Within this exhibition the history of the country in the 20th Century , uses the Austrian flag as the narrator.  Throughout the exhibition the flag has interactive points, while it links the whole exhibition together in a red and white loop. layers of meaning


The media installation cast visitors in different roles and require different forms of interaction. The visitor alternates as a listener, observer, researcher, and user of interactive media. p. 121 VISITOR ROLE


Corian Lights

An installation with the theme of energy that reacts to music with light.p. 123


Duality p. 135

The interplay of solid and liquid was expanded by virtual waves of light on the walkway and real waves in the water. By stepping on the LED surfaces the pedesstrians generate virtual and real wave patterns, effectively changing the spaces as they pass through it.


Reactive Sparks, the tracing of traffic p. 145

7 x 7.5 mtr LED columns occupy the green strip next to the busiest road in Munich. For 6 months these columns ran the interactive installation Reactive Sparks. A camera tracking system registered each vehicle and triggered a light wave on the columns. The light trails were also a collective memory, growing steadily brighter as he number of cars steadily increased.


Living Cartography p. 200

Infoms visitors about the geological formations, vegetation and animal life in the area around the glacial capped volcano Snaefell.



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